Registration/Papers Submission

Call for papers is now open

The final, pdf version of your paper must be submitted using the Conference Platform available here.

  • Login to your existing account using your username and password
  • Choose AEC 2021 Conference and go to ABSTRACTS AND PAPERS menu
  • You may add paper to the accepted abstract available listed on your account.
  • You will receive confirmation message shown on the screen after correct paper addition.
  • It is possible to modify once added paper using Update paper button.
  • There is no specific limit in the number of pages for the paper, but it is generally accepted that a good conference paper will have between 6 and 10 pages in the present format, including all illustrations. The .pdf file size must not exceed 5 Mb and will be typically less than 1Mb in size. Problems with over-large file size are usually the result of using unnecessarily high resolution in graphics. See section 2.5.